High Spirits

Jill Korn’s audio drama High Spirits with sound design by John Boyd.


An angelic fantasy tale set on a remote Scottish island. The bees have all left, apparently forever, and spring has not arrived. Everything is out of kilter and only Breagh, it seems, can put it right. High Spirits is about finding friendship and facing fear. “You’re a child of the air. Your job is to cross the barriers that separate the different elements in this world. Your job is telling stories, and bringing back harmony.”

People are starting to wonder what’s happening on the Isle of Donan when springtime fails to arrive. Added to which, a mysterious young woman has made her way back to the island after long years spent trying to escape its pull. What’s the connection?  

High Spirits is part of An Ayrshire Trilogy, three audio dramas which celebrate our rich history and culture. The Trilogy is supported by Creative Scotland.

3 Replies to “High Spirits”

  1. Thank you, Travis. This is so kind of you and I’m very glad you liked it. Credit for the immersive sound must go to John Boyd who is something of a genius when it comes to ambience and special effects.

  2. …that was very enjoyable. Your immersive audio is wonderful. The elevator echo was spot on for the environment. Very enjoyable. Nice chemistry. 💍I hope amidst the joyous giggling that she accepted his proposal. 🤭 Ooops I hope I haven’t given away too much. Very lovely.

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