Audio Recording

Professional Audio Recording.

I’ve been fascinated with the jiggery-pokery of recording and processing audio for more years than I care to admit. It started when my dad upgraded the reel-to-reel recorder he used for film-making and gave me his old machine. It swallowed ¼” tape at 15″ a second and editing was with a chinagraph pencil and a razor blade. Over the years I’ve always had some means of recording sound.  What with voiceover, field recording, sound design and podcasting I’ve accumulated a locker full of professional audio equipment.  Free now from the distractions of earning a crust I dedicate myself to making best use of my kit, enthusiasm and a wee bit of skill.

I’m available to record audio for broadcast tape-sync and podcasts, narration and voiceover.
Please send me details of your project and I’ll get back to you.