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The By The Way podcast celebrates a Scots-eye cosmic view heard through conversations, true stories and the ideas that live in collected sounds. John Boyd is grasping the thistle – eh, the microphone.

That phrase, “… by the way” has particular significance in the vernacular of Glasgow and the west of Scotland, where John spent his youth. It obeys the usual syntax; introducing a new topic, qualification, unsolicited opinion or extra information. In certain groups it’s often used as an expressed full stop – sometimes with the perception of a rigid index finger jabbing the space below your clavicle.

JB recording links for the by the way podcast with his treasured Neumann mic.
JB recording links for the by the way podcast with his treasured Neumann mic.

It was one thing when the cosmos could be so easily defined by the 60 mile coastline of Arran. Having moved to Perthshire and the island imperative holds less sway it’s time for a reboot. John is re-shaping By The Way. The point of view may have changed, but the philosophy remains.

John says, “Radio is about the people; meeting them and hearing what they say, listening acutely and learning their truth. Oral stories are personal and intimate, they’re the oldest form of storytelling after all. They’re always subjective because of the immediate choice of words, the tone of voice, the inflection and the emotion.

“I’ve had a varied career, accumulated a bit of knowledge and a few skills. Even though home is now Perthshire I still love the smell of the sea, cooking for friends and a glass of malt in front of the fire of a nippy evening. There’s not much I like better than a good conversation and some people will tell you I like the sound of my own voice; but that’s not quite the same thing.”

Do you have an interesting story you’d like to hear covered? Please send John your idea using the contact form here.

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