Corrie Capers

Back in the 1970s, 80s and 90s Corrie Capers was a week-long summer celebration of exuberant games, mischief, community spirit and committed partying. Corrie is one of Arran’s most picturesque villages and I’m fair chuffed to hear just how much is going on these days.


There’s a consensus that something’s happening in Corrie. A group of more sprightly, younger people who live in the village is busy promoting Corrie and what it has to see and do. For what seems like a picturesque yet sleepy village strung out along the shore Corrie is a vibrant and exiting place.

PS Waverley re-enacted a ferry-run in the early 1990s.  Please get in touch if you’ve got a photograph of this or anything to do with Corrie Capers you’re willing to share.

Many thanks to my contributors:

Jessica Wallace,  Arran Supper Club.

Ruth Maclaren.  Ferghan Mhor Vegan B&B.

Kirsty de Caestecker. Mara Fish Bar & Deli.

Stuart Gough, Arran Viking Longship Society.

Anne Masson, Corrie Hotel.

Marvin Elliot The Woodcarver.

Mr I. Mole, Ferry Rock.

John Bruce, Corrie Historian.  The Doctor’s Bath.

Copyright Acknowledgements:

"Cloud Corner" Marisa Anderson is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0.

"RetroFuture" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

Image - The Doctor's Bath. Tony Page.
Arran Vikings' "Black Eagle" longship under sail.
Arran Vikings’ “Black Eagle” longship under sail proudly sporting Marvin’s carving of the eagle’s head.
© See acknowledgements
Sometimes Marvin’s woodcarving is quirky and thought provoking.
The shelter and Ferry Rock where passengers scrambled ashore.
The shelter and Ferry Rock where passengers scrambled ashore.
The Doctor’s Bath is less than 20m from the roadside, yet hardly anyone knows it’s there.
© See acknowledgements