Crofters’ Music Bar Bistro

Over the years since my old mum and her cronies used to get half price chips I’ve known the modern Crofters’ Music Bar Bistro through different incarnations and proprietors. Today’s custodians are father and daughter team Dónal and Ealána Boyle. As Crofters’ Music Bar Bistro has evolved they’ve embraced modern principles caring for their staff, sourcing local and sustainable produce and presenting musicians with personality. They believe they’ve got a winning formula.

Play this episode now:

The three musicians, Donal (the proprietor) playing fiddle, Mike the composer, singer and guitarist and Cams (who features in some line-ups, but not today) epitomise the atmosphere in Crofters’. Their banter and easy friendship sum up the experience Dónal and Ealána are creating for their customers. Make no mistake – it’s a business, but one where human relationships are at the forefront of all that they do.

Yep, this is kind of an advertorial, so why not go the whole hog and visit Crofters’ online by clicking this link.

Copyright acknowledgements
“The Call Of Arran”.  Music and lyrics by Mike Bailey.
Used by kind permission of Mike Bailey.
Mike Bailey – guitar & vocals.
Dónal Boyle – fiddle & harmony vocals.