Don Roberto and the Four Fathers.

I’m proud to claim Don Roberto among my relations. Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham founded the Scottish National Party. He was a passionate advocate of independence for Scotland. His memorial at Gartmore is carved with the words “Famous author, traveller and horseman. Patriotic Scot and citizen of the world. He was a master of life – a king among men.” I really wish I’d met him.


Don Roberto, a dapper gentleman.
This is the inspirational tale of R.B. Cunninghame Graham’s life and principles. It entwines with four of my own family and ends with my call to action:  Put Scottish independence to the touch. We can win it all.

The Four Fathers at Malling West, Port of Mentieth c.1908.
My grandfather, Hugh, is the boy sitting in front. His father, David, is on the left; his father, Owen, is standing on the right and his father, another David, is seated.

Petty Political Broadcast.

Don Roberto and the Four Fathers has no commentary because R.B. Cunninghame Graham’s devotion to his principles is inspirational in itself. Neither does it champion today’s SNP. It sets out the beliefs of a man who imagined  Scotland as a citizen of the world, which is a commendable cause.

I abhor the rapacious behaviour of Scotland’s southern neighbour, both historic and current. Liberated from the oppressive restrictions imposed by Westminster for its own ends, Scotland can be, as we sing, that nation again.

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