Fermentation: Food That Fizzes

Much of the food and drink produced on Arran starts with fermentation – food that fizzes.  The ones made to a commercial scale include beer and whisky, which are obvious enough.  But there’s bread, cheeses, pickles, chocolate and then there’s a community of obsessed home-producers who love nothing better than their own kombucha, kefir and yoghurt, sauerkraut and kimchi.


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Drive Canada

Although born in Canada Graham Chappell now lives and works on Arran. He’s a car enthusiast and  every year he takes a road-trip.  This year’s going to be something special.  Following Graham’s first car-delivery trip in Canada and years of driving in the south-west states of America this is the road-trip of a lifetime from St. John’s to Vancouver and…


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Two sides of the coin

We’ve come to regard some foods as totems of our culinary heritage. We may regard them with reverence. We may hold them in contempt. Almost by definition they’re less than haute cuisine. I explore four of the Scotland’s guilty food secrets and ask how to counter their adverse effects.


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New Terminal at Brodick Pier

The facade of Brodick's new ferry terminal. Horrendous monstrosity or fit for 21st century?

The Isle of Arran depends on tourism for its lifeblood.  Brodick pier is the main gateway to the island, so it was a cause for celebration when it was announced that a new ferry terminal was to be built. Of course there were and still are skeptics.  


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Matching food with whisky

I have to hold my hands up that this episode was done as a bit of promotion for the distillery and me wearing a different hat.  This was my third outing at the Malt and Music Festival and both the masterclasses about matching whisky with food and whisky with chocolate were sold out. Continue reading “Matching food with whisky”