Get it on tape.

What difference can professional sound recording make?

All the difference in the world.

JB is available to record sound for audio drama, remote podcasts, audio books, narration, voiceover and voice-reels on location.

The skills and the tools to get the job done.

  • A relaxed working atmosphere.
  • Professional quality microphones and cables.
  • Professional recorders with excellent pre-amps and high dynamic range.
  • A skilled technician familiar with how to work the equipment.
  • Reliable technique for recording.
  • Someone who knows how to listen for and reduce noise pollution.
  • Sound treatment to optimise the recording environment.
  • Duplicate safety tracks in case of technical problems or unexpected loud noises.
  • Audio files in a choice of formats that are easy to work with later.

We all know it's not really tape.
Quite right. It's not magnetic tape any more, but we still use the old terminology, "get it on tape".  Recording the spoken word, especially dialogue for audio drama, and recording on location is a specialist skill. There's zero to no room for background noise, dodgy reverberation from the room, and overheard sounds from other contributors when you need to capture a unique, natural and pure voice.
JB has been fascinated with the jiggery-pokery of recording and processing audio for more years than he cares to admit. It started when his dad upgraded the reel-to-reel tape recorder he used for film-making and gave JB his old machine. It span through ΒΌ inch magnetic tape at 15 inches a second. That's just under 23 metres of tape for a minute of audio; high quality audio, but still 23 metres. Editing was with a chinagraph pencil, a razor blade, and tabs of sticky tape.
Over the years JB has always had some means of recording sound.  What with voiceover, field recording, podcasting, sound design and audio drama JB accumulated a locker full of professional audio equipment.  Free now from the distractions of earning a crust he dedicates himself to making best use of his kit, enthusiasm and a wee bit of skill.