200 words

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JB meets a challenge to write 200 words inspired by each of the eight letters of an acronym – CLANGERS. 

It was a serious writing challenge with the strict discipline of sticking to 200 words. Mind you, I was always going to take the cynical, least literal approach because that’s how my mind works. 

I always write for audio nowadays, but I didn’t expect to produce such highly personal audio essays. There are heart-on-the-sleeve moments that took me by surprise. I had to think before I put them out there. 

Each piece has its own sound design and Foley; everything from a pistol that’s actually a Mole-grip to the sound of a single engined plane from the flying school near where I live. 

The acronym comprises: Connect, Learn, Be Active, Notice, Give Back, Eat well, Relax, and Sleep.

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